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October 23, 2007 <<RETURN 

Mayor Sam Katz Announces Seniors Advisory Committee

Winnipeg, October 23rdCommitted to building a city of opportunity for all our citizens, Mayor Sam Katz today announced the Seniors Advisory Committee. The committee will focus on municipal issues affecting seniors in Winnipeg and provide the Mayor with a first-hand perspective on how our city can better accommodate our seniors.


 “There is an increasing demand to seriously consider our seniors’ ideas to develop support programs and policy to meet the specific needs of our aging demographic as it continues to grow exponentially each year,” said Mayor Sam Katz.  “Our golden generation is the cherished link to our past and the invaluable bridge to our future. By sharing wisdom and influencing policy, members of the Seniors Advisory Committee will help ensure a legacy for future generations that embraces a quality of life we all deserve.”


The Seniors Advisory Committee, which will begin meeting in November 2007, is mandated to ensure the needs of senior citizens are well represented in the City of Winnipeg, and will deliver recommendations on issues such as neighbourhood safety, transportation, and recreational programming. Meetings of the advisory committee will be held at the call of the Chairperson, who will be  selected by its members. A meeting schedule for the year will be determined at the first meeting.  


The 13 members of the Seniors Advisory Committee will include:

                        St. Charles Ward Councillor Grant Nordman

Connie Newman

Jane Kilpatrick
George Dyck

Bill Hickerson

                        Margaret Barbour

           Vivian Stunden

           Mary Pankiw

           Helen Quinn

           Roy Johnson

           Margaret Murray-Haddad

           Henry Bissoon

           Peggy Prendergast